Art in all of its glorious manifestations has always fascinated me. From Dvořák to Sinatra, Dürer to Homer, Olmsted to Wright, the influence of their artistic expressions have been profoundly personal. I continuously strive to honor their power and passion, precision and emotion, and command and efficiency on all of my artistic journeys.

Subsequently, I recognize that my clients come to me with their own personal sphere of influence. It is incumbent upon me to collaborate accordingly and interpret their vision so we can give it a voice. It is my job to become the client’s tool of expression: their musical note, their brush, there Usonian spirit guide.

I’ve worked with clients that range from servicemembers to CEOs, mathematicians to musicians and plumbers to politicians. Each journey started with a personal vision; some concise and clearly stated, others random or loosely scribbled on a napkin. All completed successfully through a collaborative creative process.

Please take a moment to visit a sampling of my portfolio and imagine the journeys portrayed within. Then imagine a journey of your own.

Bradley Bawek